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Our Filtration Process And Filter Bag Testing And Evaluation Services

Along with our extensive line of premium filter bags and other filtration products, Filter Holdings offers comprehensive filtration and filter media testing and evaluation services for industrial processing operations. These services are available to our customers, as well as to any industrial processing operation in need of reliable expert filtration testing and evaluation services.

Filter Holdings can also provide other professional filtration operation evaluation services including scanning electron microscope (SEM) studies.

Technical resources with filtration expertise at Filter Holdings are available for on-site visits and process evaluations. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and inquire about the costs of our expert testing and evaluation services.

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Permeability tests can be performed on clean bags, or with process dust on the surface. For pulse jet bags Filter Holdings uses a special apparatus that can simulate pulsing conditions in the baghouse. By comparing permeability before and after cleaning with reference standards, specific process problems may be identified.

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Weight analysis, before and after cleaning can be a valuable indicator of the level of dust loading and penetration when compared to reference standards.

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The Mullen Burst Strength Test is a measure of the two dimensional, or planar, strength of the media, measured in pounds per square inch. The sample is securely clamped over a rubber diaphragm. The diaphragm is steadily pressurized with fluid until it expands to the point where it breaks through the media. The corresponding pressure of the fluid within the diaphragm at the point when the media ruptures is recorded as the strength. The effects on the filter from mechanical, chemical, or thermal stress are determined.

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Ensuring Our Testing Gives you the best Result

To fully address failure, an evaluation of the filter condition and properties should be performed. These evaluations take place by sampling the used filter and performing an array of specific tests. Sampling of an unused filter is also recommended to establish a benchmark for comparison.

Why Testing & Evaluating Products Can Benefit You

Test & Evaluation of a product or components are compared against requirements and specifications throughout the testing process. The results are evaluated to assess design, performance, supportability, etc. Adjustments to product design, specifications, or fabric can occur prior to installation.

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Typically, there are five modes of failure to consider when analyzing filter media. These modes are mechanical strength/ wear, chemical degradation, thermal degradation, dust penetration/media blinding, and incorrect design. They address performance of the filter against material, product, and application design specifications.

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Proper planning and evaluation will maximize the life span of your filter media.

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Filter analysis is performed for many reasons, including failure analysis, troubleshooting system operations, or for a routine checkup to determine the remaining life of the filter. Comparisons with competitive materials and guarantee issues are additional reasons for filter analysis.


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