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Filter Holdings, Inc. is a premier manufacturer and distributor of expertly crafted premium filter bags and high performance industrial filtration products for air, gas and liquid filtration. We focus on the needs of companies with industrial processing operations who require long-lasting, premium quality filtration solutions.

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With our focus on innovating advanced filtration media for complex filtration, Filter Holdings is your best choice for long-lasting high performance industrial filtration products and premium filter bags for air, gas and liquid filtration. To learn more about our Technologies, please contact us.

Materials, Finishes & Treatments

Depending on the processing application, maximum operating temperature, chemical resistance requirements and particle size, Filter Holdings can offer a custom filter fabric finish tailored to each customer's needs from our series of high performance filter fabric finishes and surface treatments.

With options for static conductive or non-conductive felted and woven filter fabrics, our enhanced filter media was developed to solve a variety of filtration challenges including resisting chemicals, repelling water, releasing dust, and filtration of sub-micron or oily particles.

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Product Collection & Transfer

Processing powders from fluid bed drying, milling or pulverizing requires fabric-based elements to collect or transfer the product or to contain the fugitive dust. Filter Holdings produces a variety of product collection bags, product transfer sleeves and air relief bags essential to powder processing. We  offer custom solutions to filtering fine dusts, static sensitive or chemically reactive dust streams.

Leak Proofing

When filtering fine non-agglomerating particles such as titanium dioxide, carbon black or silica, leakage through the needle holes of a filter becomes a significant issue. This leakage loads up expensive absolute filters downstream of production equipment. In laboratories, the leakage can reduce assay of the retained product leading to inconclusive results and repeats. In other instances such leakages may be a hazard in the workspace or to the environment.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Filter Holdings  can heat seam fabrics on their longitudinal seam, eliminating needle holes. For other seams, an FDA compliant sealant can be applied to seal the needle holes.

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Filtering Systems

With a core focus on producing high quality industrial filtration products, and a capacity to custom-fabricate premium filter bags for demanding requirements, Filter Holdings offers the widest range of cost-effective, high performance industrial filter bags and filtration products available for any type of commercial processing application.

Our industrial filter bags are available in many standard dimensions and fabrics, or can be custom fabricated to meet the specific requirements of any commercial processing filtration application.

Testing & Evaluation

Along with our extensive line of premium filter bags and other filtration products, Filter Holdings offers comprehensive filtration and filter media testing and evaluation services for industrial processing operations. These services are available to our customers, as well as to any industrial processing operation in need of reliable expert filtration testing and evaluation services.

Filter Holdings can also provide other professional filtration operation evaluation services including scanning electron microscope (SEM) studies.

Technical resources with filtration expertise at Filter Holdings are available for on-site visits and process evaluations. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and inquire about the costs of our expert testing and evaluation services.

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