Product Collection & Transfer

Processing powders from fluid bed drying, milling or pulverizing requires fabric-based elements to collect or transfer the product, or to contain the fugitive dust. Filter Holdings produces a variety of product collection bags, product transfer sleeves and air relief bags essential to powder processing. Filter Holdings offers custom made solutions to filtering fine dusts, static sensitive or chemically reactive dust streams.


Collection Bags, Transfer Sleeves, Air Relief Bags

Filter Holdings fabricates standard and customized product collection bags, transfer sleeves and air relief bags for a variety of product processing applications including fluid bed drying, milling, and pulverizing process equipment.

With a wide range of quality woven and felt fabrics and specialized surface treatments available, our filter media can meet a broad spectrum of airflow, product collection and product retention requirements.

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How Materials Can Be Collected & Transferred

Learn how industries utilize our Production Collection Bags, Product Transfer Sleeves, and Filtration Products.

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Milling, pulverizing and fluid bed drying operations require filter bags for collecting powdered materials and, when applicable, dust from air relief bags. Filter Holdings makes standard and custom bags to precisely fit any type of product processing equipment including fluidized dryer beds, and milling or pulverizing equipment.

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An essential item in directing product flow between processing equipment, transfer sleeves ensure materials transfer with no loss or spillage. Filter Holdings can custom fabricate transfer sleeves to your unique specifications.

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Filter Holdings offers a complete line of superior quality filtration products for collecting or transferring fine powders and dusts, with seams lock stitched for strength and optionally seam-sealed to prevent leakage.


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