Mining, Chemical, and Process Industries

Liquid-solid separation issues are common within the chemical, mining, and process industries. Filter Holdings products supports all the industry standard filtration systems.


How we help the mining, chemical, and process industries

Within the Mining, Chemical and Process Industries, water is held as a precious commodity. Removing water from slurry for re-use, or to extrude the perfect product, proper filtration is necessary for maintaining the highest rate of productivity.

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Our Focus in the Mining, Chemical and Process Industries

Learn how Filter Holdings’ products are integral in several industries.

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Raw materials for synthetic graphite fabrication (petroleum coke, pitch coke, carbon black, natural graphite and secondary graphite scrap are loaded and stored in raw material silos. First, the raw materials are ground in crushers and ball mills. The resulting powder is then conditioned according to the particle size distribution. Finally, the powder is blended with a binder to produce a paste. Coal tar pitch or petroleum pitch are used as binders.

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Filtration is necessary within the mining and minerals industry to separate solids from liquids. The filtration process enables recovery and reuse of water. Our filter press cloth offers efficient solid-liquid separation in a broad range of standard applications.

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When it comes to wastewater treatment, particle filtration is commonly one of the first steps in the treatment of contaminated wastewater. This is because particle filtration is designed to remove solids measuring larger than one micron.

Filter bags are a great option for smaller applications and systems where minimizing waste is important.

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Ethanol production has significantly increased over the years with the demand for renewable sources of energy. Corn is used to produce ethanol typically by the dry grind process

Ethanol plants have complex explosion and fire hazards not found in other manufacturing national industries (NAICS) where the attributes of a grain handling facility is combined with a chemical plant in the production of ethyl alcohol. Subsequently, these process facilities must follow stringent regulatory guidelines according to the OSHA Process Management Standard (PSM) and EPA Risk Management Program (RPM). Additionally, combustible dust hazards are addressed in the OSHA Grain Facility Standard.

Targeted Industry Solutions

Filter Holdings manufactures and designs filtration products and filter bags for a variety of challenging filtration needs. We work with your company to create a strategized, cost-competitive plan to supply your operations with the appropriate filtration products.

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Strategizing Costs

Our team comprises industry experts. This ensures that customers know that the products they purchase are appropriate to their projects, cost effective, and are of the highest quality.

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Availability of OEM Filters and Filter Media

Filter Holdings’ ability to produce filtration products and filter bags, both pre-manufactured and custom-designed, provides a flexible solution to our customers’ unique needs, regardless of industry.


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