Filter Holdings has successfully served thousands of companies across a variety of industries with high performance industrial filtration products and expert service. This breadth of experience gives us an edge when it comes to effectively solving complex industrial filtration issues.

Our proven ability to innovate, and commitment to fabricating high quality industrial filters and filtration products, enables us to provide premium and cost-effective filtration solutions for a wide range of industry applications.

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While our company history is rich with experience serving a variety of industries, we are not limited in our ability to serve any commercial processing operation that requires premium solutions for air, gas or liquid filtration. Please contact us for more information.


Food & Drug

Filtration plays a critical role within the Food and Drug manufacturing process to provide a safe and economic method for removing impurities and extending the shelf life of many consumable products.



In construction, filtration is primarily used to protect equipment from ingesting harmful contaminants, removing contaminants that help to purify air and gas streams, protecting personnel and the work environment and separating desirable products from the air stream.


Mining, Chemical & Process Industries

Filtration in the process industry is commonly used to remove contamination and solid particles from gas-solid or liquid-solid process streams.


Solutions For Any Filtration Challenge.

Premium industrial filtration solutions for air, gas and liquid filtration.