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Filtration plays a critical role within the Food and Drug manufacturing processes to provide a safe and economic method for removing impurities, sorting products, and extending the shelf life of consumable products.

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Our Focus In The Food & Drug Industry

When handling products in the food and drug industry, preserving the product’s quality is often the manufacturer’s highest priority. Filter Holdings’s filtration products help ensure the highest level of product quality.

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Filtration during the pharmaceutical development process is important. Whether it is sterilization, prefiltration, filtering chemicals or fermentation broth, filtration is a necessary part of the manufacturing of various pharmaceutical products.

From 50 microns to sub-microns, Filter Holdings’ high-quality retention and separation technologies are perfect for manufacturing pharmaceutical products. With a variety of particle sizes and materials, we offer a filter media solution for every step, like magnetic filters that remove iron and other magnetic materials. Our custom solutions can be tailored for any filtration process in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Nutraceuticals are edible products created by combining food and pharmaceutical components. One of the challenges facing the manufacturers is the method of precisely filtering and separating the extracts and compounds. The nutraceutical product consists of small amounts of the ingredients which must be mixed accurately.

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A common filtration process in manufacturing of Powdered Foods is Fluid Bed Dryers. The Fluid Bed is often used for drying and cooling of powder. The use of a Fluid Bed enables adjustment of process parameters in order to achieve a superior overall drying economy and powder quality. Filter Holdings fluid bed dryer bags are superior for powder retention and long life cycles.

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Filter Holdings supplies the cosmetics industry with advanced filter products for the production of cosmetics and creams requiring final or polishing filters.

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Filter Holdings manufactures filtration material used in the many aspects of Dye & Pigment production such as fluid separation, cake washing, and drying.

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Within the dairy industry, four different membrane filtration processes are used: microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), and reverse osmosis (RO).

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Grain handling and milling requires a variety of dust control filtration applications; including transporting, grinding, milling, crushing, blending and packaging.

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Within the Spice and Sugar industries filtration is one of the core processes in order to produce high quality and achieve high yields from the raw product.


Targeted Industry Solutions

In the Food and Drug Industry, cleaning, mitigation of dust, and compliance with government agencies are all concerns when we design and manufacture filtration products and filter bags. Safety and reliability are of the utmost importance.

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FDA Compliance

Combustible dust of finely ground organic or metallic materials is sometimes a byproduct of industrial processes. If the combustible dust is sufficiently dispersed within the air and held within a confined space, an explosion can occur. Our filters are treated and designed to prevent such disasters from occurring.

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Easy to Clean

When we manufacture our filtration products and bags, maintenance plays a significant factor in how our products are designed. Ease of maintenance allows a company to continue day-to-day operations without any significant interruptions.

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Filter Life

Filter Holdings manufactures filters to sustain long periods of use. After sometime of use, leaks in filter bags can be located and fixed swiftly using products such as Detect-A-Glow Leak Detection.

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