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Permashield Pre-coat Powder

Prevent Filter Bag Damage

Upsets during processing equipment start-up may cause damage to filter bags that manifest months later, after it is too late to prevent damage. Coating the filter bag with Permashield Pre-coat Powder, a specifically engineered pre-coat powder, is an inexpensive option for protecting filter bags from blinding on start up.

Maximize Filter Bag Service Life

In addition to preventing filter bag damage from blinding at start-up, our Permashield Pre-coat Powder can also help maximize the service life of filter bags.

Permashield Pre-coat Powder has a tightly controlled particle size for maximum protection. It covers the filter bag surface with a porous interlocked layer designed to prevent fine particles or product aerosols from reaching the fabric matrix.

Permashield powder remains as a protective layer on the filter bag long after start-up and adds continuing protection to the bag from blinding, or attack by chemicals.

Permashield Pre-coat Powder comes with a step-by-step guide with instructions for application, troubleshooting & recommended usage for different size baghouses.

Permashield Pre-coat Powder

Using Permashield Pre-coat Powder in conjunction with our Detect-A-Glow leak detection powders, and leak detection light, is your best assurance for a successful start-up, headache-free processing and maximized service life.

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