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Nutsche Bags, Filter Discs and Pads, Screens and In-line Filters

Liquid Filtration

In addition to centrifuge bags, liners and filter press cloths, Filter Holdings offers a wide range of filter media for separation of solids from liquid streams. Nutsche bags, filter discs, pads, filter screens and in-line filters are examples of the types of liquid filtration products available.

Fabric choices range from polypropylene to polyester and from PPS to Teflon in felted and woven fabrics for the filtration element, or as pads to support the filtration element. Aside from standard grades, Filter Holdings offers acid resistant polyester and high temperature polypropylene, among other options.

Filter Holdings uses special construction techniques to eliminate leakage through seams. Heat seaming or seam sealing are available to give additional peace of mind. Our use of laser cutting guarantees that filter bags, discs and pads are cut to the exact size specified, with sealed edges and no markings.

Nutsche bags, filter discs

Based on the application and chemical compatibility, Filter Holdings can offer options for optimal combination of flowrate and solids retention for any process.

High Performance Filtration Products

Premium filter bags and industrial filtration products for air, gas and liquid filtration.

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