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Filtering Static Sensitive Dust/Air Mixtures

Movement of a dust stream past a fabric filter produces a static charge. Unless conducted away, the charge can produce a high voltage spark and ignite a combustible powder in the air. Sugar, coffee, starches and wood dusts are known to have caused devastating explosions triggered by combustible static-charged dust and air mixtures.

Scrutiny by safety officials has raised awareness of the risks of using non-conductive fabrics in processing operations, casting doubt over the effectiveness of grounding schemes that rely on wires sewn over bags. Processors have become more aware that a static charge on a filter bag will remain localized since synthetic fibers, such as polyester, are insulators.

Conductive Filter Fabrics

Filter Holdings offers a range of conductive fabrics that safely conduct a static charge to a "ground", including:

With many options for conductive fabrics and optional high performance surface treatments, Filter Holdings can provide the widest range of conductive filter media options for reliable and effective filtration of sensitive dust/air mixtures.

High Performance Filtration

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