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Filtering Chemically Reactive Agents

Chemically reactive or corrosive agents can range from acids to alkali, and from oxidizing agents to transition metals. Most chemical agents require a liquid medium for contact with fibers to begin a surface attack. Filter fabrics in processing environments which involve chemically reactive or corrosive agents require a special surface finish which can limit chemical contact with the fabric fibers and block penetration to protect the fibers beneath the surface finish.

Filter Holdings offers the ultimate in fabric protection from chemically reactive agents with our Unipore expanded PTFE membrane fabric surface treatment. Applied to quality woven or felted fabrics, this 100% Teflon surface repels water-borne chemicals, prevents surface adhesion, and is virtually immune from chemical degradation (except hydrofluoric acid).

Filter Fabric Treatment Options

Depending on the application and the chosen filter fabric, Filter Holdings offers a variety of filter fabric treatment options for resisting chemical agent attack and degradation:

As a leading innovator of high performance filtration media, Filter Holdings offers the widest range of specialty surface coatings and treatments for filter media specifically engineered to solve chemically reactive agent filtration issues.

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