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Static Conductive Fabrics

Felted & Woven Static Conductive Fabrics

Pharmaceutical, food, chemical processing and other processing operations have long recognized the risk of using non-conductive fabrics for processing powders such as starches, proteins, sugars, or cocoa. Filter Holdings has a long history of innovating specialized filter media to solve filtration challenges inherent in these types of processing operations.

Filter Holdings has developed a line of filter bags with static conductivity built into their fabric structure. These advanced filter fabrics will drain static to any grounded surface that they contact, with no need for wires. Our innovative felted and woven static conductive fabrics are available for a wide variety of applications.

Static Conductive Fabrics

Felted Static Conductive Fabrics

Available in felted polyester in a variety of weights, finishes and construction, our static conductive felted filter fabrics use stainless steel or carbon fiber strands to render them static conductive throughout the structure. By eliminating ground wires, our felted static conductive fabrics can help limit the unintended consequences of improper design or installation which may inadvertently lead to fires or explosions.

Our premium felted static conductive fabrics are currently in use by a variety of industrial processing operations in pulse jet baghouses, product collection equipment, and conveying systems where a dust stream has the potential to trigger a fire or explosion when non-conductive fabric filter bags are used.

Woven Static Conductive Fabrics

Our woven static conductive fabrics include polyester and nylon fabrics with stainless steel or carbon fibers to render the fabrics static conductive throughout the structure, in a wide range of construction including:

  • Screen cloths, in precise openings from 2 microns to over 1,000 microns for screening and drying.
  • Woven fabrics in spun or FDA-compliant multifilament construction in nominal micron ratings of 2 to 50.
  • Treated with our Unipore expanded PTFE membrane, polyester fabrics can filter submicron particles without blinding, reducing batch times and improving yields.

Standard or Static Conductive Fabrics & Finishes

High quality felted and woven filter fabrics.