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Fiberglass Fabric Standard Finishes

Fiberglass fabric filter media offers cost-effective filtration efficiency with excellent thermal resistance. Fiberglass yarns have a high tensile strength but require a finish which allows the yarn fibers to move without abrading each other.

Filter Holdings offers fiberglass filter bags with a choice of three finishes:

  1. 10% (Min) PTFE:
    This is a premium finish that provides outstanding lubrication for fiber movement. The PTFE finish provides a slick surface for dust release and protection against attack by water borne acids and chemicals. It is our most requested finish for pulse jet use.
  2. Acid Resistant:
    This finish provides resistance to water borne acids using lower cost ingredients. It is used in pulse jet as well as reverse air baghouses.
  3. Silicone/Graphite/Teflon (SGT):
    This low-cost finish is mostly used in reverse air baghouses. It is a light duty finish used when fabric movement is minimal.

Fiberglass filter fabric media

Fiberglass Filter Fabric Options

To match filter fabric options with specific applications or characteristics, please refer to our filter fabric types and characteristics, chemical resistance and maximum operating temperature charts.

Standard or Static Conductive Fabrics & Finishes

High quality felted and woven filter fabrics.