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Filter Fabric Finishes

Innovative Filter Fabric Finishes & Surface Treatments

Depending on the processing application, maximum operating temperature, chemical resistance requirements and particle size, Filter Holdings can offer a custom filter fabric finish tailored to each customer's needs from our series of high performance filter fabric finishes and surface treatments.

With options for static conductive or non-conductive felted and woven filter fabrics, our enhanced filter media was developed to solve a variety of filtration challenges including resisting chemicals, repelling water, releasing dust, and filtration of sub-micron or oily particles.

Filter Fabric Surface Treatment Options

We offer four groups of finishes, each designed to enhance the characteristics of felted, woven or fiberglass fabrics:

Filter Fabric Surface Treatments

Our innovative filter fabric surface treatments were developed to provide superior performance over non-treated fabrics.

When bonded to the surface of a high quality fabric, our advanced fabric surface treatments offer exceptional dust release, abrasion resistance, water resistance, protection from acids, alkali or other degrading chemicals and effective filtration of sub-micron or oily particles during processing.

Surface Release Coating SRC

Surface Release Coating (SRC)

MaxClad II

MaxClad II spanning between fibers


Unipore surface -1000X magnification

Aramid Fiber

Standard Felt Aramid Fiber

Standard or Static Conductive Fabrics & Finishes

High quality felted and woven filter fabrics.

High Temperature / Sub-Micron Filtration Fabrics

Two of our high temperature filter fabrics offer dual protection with the option to add an acid-resistant (A/R) / Oleophobic finish to resist acid and blinding by unburned hydrocarbons.