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Industrial Filter Bags

Filter Holdings offers an extensive line of high performance industrial filtration products, including expertly crafted premium quality industrial filter bags for air, gas and liquid filtration.

Our Premium Filter Bag Product Line includes:

Filter Bags

Filter Bags

Filter Bag Media

Our premium filter bags are fabricated from a variety of high quality woven and felted fabrics in a wide range of weights, compositions and finishes. We have an available inventory of standard filter bags or we can customize filter bags for your specific application requirements.

Filter bag media options include felted fabric standard finishes, fiberglass fabric standard finishes, and innovative fabric surface treatments only available at Filter Holdings, to improve dust retention and release, abrasion resistance, sub-micron particle filtration, and to protect the filter bags from acid or chemical degradation. We also offer high temperature fabric media for sub-micron particle filtration in high temperature processing environments.

Filtration Industry Innovation

Filter Holdings continues to innovate and apply our deep filtration industry knowledge to deliver expertly crafted industrial filter bags for even the most demanding and unique of filtration requirements.

Filter Bag Fabric Surface Treatments

For filtration of high temperature air streams, fine dusts or aerosols, chemically reactive agents, static sensitive air/dust mixtures or retention of conductivity, we have developed a number of filter bag fabric surface treatments and coated fabrics to solve the unique filtration characteristics inherent in these processes.

Filter bag fabric media surface treatments include:

  • Surface Release Coating (SRC): For improved dust release and abrasion resistance.
  • MaxClad II: This smooth microporous structure allows for better release and retention of fine dust particles and offers protection from acids, alkali and chemical degradation.
  • Unipore expanded PTFE (Teflon): For exceptional release, sub-micron filtration, chemical resistance, water and oil repellency, and long service life in the harshest of conditions.


Our innovative filter bag fabric surface treatments have solved complex filtration challenges faced by commercial processing operations in a variety of industries.

Surface Release Coating SRC

Surface Release Coating (SRC)

MaxClad II

MaxClad II spanning between fibers


Unipore surface -1000X magnification

Aramid Fiber

Standard Felt Aramid Fiber

High Performance Filter Bags

Premium filter bags and industrial filtration products for air, gas and liquid filtration.

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