Filter Holdings is a trusted partner within the construction community for all of its filtration needs to ensure safe working conditions.


How We Help the Construction Industry

Filtration within the Construction Industry is primarily used to protect equipment from ingesting harmful contaminants, removing contaminants that help to purify air and gas streams, protecting personnel and the work environment and separating desirable product from the air stream.

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Our Focus in the Construction Industry

Filter Holdings’ products help protect employees and complex machinery. Our customers receive these vital products such as filter bags within fast delivery times.

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Asphalt plants must reduce particulate matter emissions by 95% according to EPA regulations. The filter media must meet these standards while withstanding flue gas, temperature fluctuations, and potential sparks. Filter Holding’s filtration media will maximize the efficiency and performance of your asphalt plant’s baghouse system.

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National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants regulations combined with the demand for high production throughput put filtration products at the core of high productivity. Filter Holdings filter bags allow the customer to maintain air quality with maximum filter life.

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Filtration of minute fiberglass particles from processing water is a critical part of the fiberglass insulation manufacturing industry.

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Potential emission sources in gypsum processing plants are a key concern. While particulate matter (PM) is the dominant pollutant in gypsum processing plants, several sources may emit gaseous pollutants. In addition to air quality, there are several types of solid-liquid separation systems that can be used to dewater and dry the gypsum slurry.

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Metal casting facilities use a variety of chemicals and report on the release and management of many of those materials through EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). These manufacturing facilities use Filter Holdings bags in order to control contaminants entering the environment.

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