Filter Holdings Featured in Manufacturing Technology Insights Journal

filter holdings featured in manufacturing technology insights journal

Filter Holdings was recently awarded the “Top Industrial Filtration Solutions Provider of 2022” and was featured on the “Manufacturing Technology Insights” website, highlighting the company’s dedication to healthy workplaces. The site publicizes innovators within manufacturing, as well as informing the public about current industry developments.

Timothy J. Purdie, CEO, Filter Holdings was praised for his leadership in the effort to control air quality in industrial plants across the United States and the world, using their state-of-the-art industrial filtration products.

More About the Article

The article discusses Filter Holdings’ philosophy of manufacturing and their “people first” approach to business. It also mentions the World Health Organization’s research on the potential adverse health effects of poor air quality and how it can lead to lung and cardiovascular problems.

There are many mentions of Filter Holdings’ impact on the industry and how they have helped improve air quality in thousands of manufacturing plants across the country and abroad.

Filter Holdings is further praised as a market leader with 70+ years helping industries with air, gas, and liquid filtration needs.

Manufacturing Technology Insights is an informative editorial website and journal and claims that the products and philosophy that Filter Holdings has created are both refreshing and innovative.

More About Filter Holdings

The company crafts its products with precision and care. They use their multiple decades of industry experience to create a wide variety of products suitable for many industries and filtration needs.

Mr. Purdie is quoted in the article, stating, “Every customer’s filtration needs are unique, and we tailor our products to their distinct requirements.”

The company has experience working with many different manufacturing industries. They provide top-of-the-line filtration media for facilities working within food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Filter Holdings takes pride in their expertise regarding the design of filters for chemically reactive agents. These designs help ensure the air quality meets, or exceeds, government standards; while helping to promote clean air for the employees within the manufacturing facilities.

person sewing filter media

How They Make Their Products

The article highlighted Filter Holdings’ commitment to manufacturing high-end filtration media. They have computer-controlled equipment that allows for shorter lead times and precision that meets customers’ expectations and requirements.

The management team within the company are experts in filtration manufacturing and can help each client to meet their specific needs.

Why Is Air Quality Important?

Part of the reason Filter Holdings was featured in Manufacturing Technology Insights was in response to the trend of more companies prioritizing better air quality for their facilities. This push for healthy air quality comes on the heels of recent studies exploring the harmful effects of poor air quality.

Ensuring that your manufacturing plant or facility is equipped with the proper filtration equipment and investing in a new filtration system if your current one does not properly fulfill its task is crucial. This includes filtration of warehouses and plants involved in the production of:

  • Chemicals
  • Metals
  • Minerals
  • Batteries
  • Wood
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Cosmetics

In addition to the above industries, Filter Holdings is experienced in filtration media for virtually any industry and provides a plethora of different types of products that are customized based on the parameters set by each client.

industries where high quality filtration media is crucial


Filter Holdings takes pride in being featured as the company on the forefront when it comes to industrial filtration. It’s clear that their 70+ years resume has led to countless improvements in manufacturing and customer care.


Filter Holdings is hopeful that the recent feature in “Manufacturing Technology Insights,” will inspire people to start thinking about indoor air quality and filtration regardless of the industry they work in.

Filters for air, gas, and liquid are essential for any manufacturer to complete work safely and optimally. It is a perfect way to ensure that employees working within the facility are as safe as possible.

As Filter Holdings looks towards the future, the customer can expect to see innovations in filtration and continued excellence in customer care.


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