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Filter Holdings, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high performance industrial filtration products and premium filter bags for air, gas and liquid filtration.

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Filter Holdings

Serving companies in a wide range of industries within the U.S. and abroad, Filter Holdings has a special focus on industrial operations who need filtration solutions for chemically reactive agents, fine dust & aerosols, high temperature air streams, static sensitive dust and air mixtures.

Our well-designed filtration products are ideal for commercial processing operations in need of premium filter bags and other high performance filtration solutions for air, gas and liquid filtration - including for the most complex of application requirements.
In 2017, Summit Filter Corporation and Shaffer Products, Inc. merged to become Filter Holdings, Inc.

In 1945 in Summit, New Jersey, Summit Filter entered the filtration industry. Summit Filter played a key role in developing filter bags for large-scale automated dust collectors, especially the pulse jet model of dust collectors.

Shaffer Products entered the filtration industry in 1948 during New Jersey’s burgeoning pharmaceutical industry. Through its proximity to major pharmaceutical and chemical firms in the area, Shaffer Products played a key role in developing products for fluid bed dryers and large-scale centrifuges.

As Summit Filter and Shaffer Products, Filter Holdings has served companies in a wide variety of industries within the United States and abroad for over 70 years.


Creating Efficient Processes

To develop and to manufacture the best commercial filter products for our customers.

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Modern Technology, Old World Craftsmanship

Our production facilities, located in New Jersey, combine the latest in computer-controlled sewing equipment with old world craftsmanship to produce filtration products of the highest quality, with precision and attention to detail unsurpassed in the industry. While laser cutters are used for accuracy and reliability, we rely on our experienced operators to ensure perfection is achieved on each and every industrial filter product we produce.

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Filter Holdings has gained unmatched technical expertise through 70+ years of solving filtration issues for industrial processing operations who faced complex air, gas and liquid filtration challenges.
Our comprehensive line of standard and customized industrial filter bags and innovative high performance filtration media are produced for applications ranging from chemical, metal, mineral, power production, battery, glass, rubber, paint powder, silicone powder, asphalt, brick, concrete, gypsum, wood to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, perfume, coffee, grain, spice, tobacco, milk, candy, food and other types of industrial processing applications.

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When we manufacture filters, our employees take the greatest care in creating each of our wide selection of filtration products and filter bags. Expert seamstresses combined with the immensely reliable laser-based fabrication technology maintains consistency and high quality. Also, our product team can help you figure out a customized plan for any materials, coatings, seams, and other items to save your company time and resources.

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Our Quality Policy articulates our commitment to our customers. Customer expectations must be determined, understood, converted into requirements, and have processes designed to exceed them in order to fulfill this Mission and Quality Policy, on a daily basis. We accomplish this objective through a variety of channels where we communicate clear requirements and expectations.


Our Client Success In Numbers

Customers are the reason we exist, and drive our quality policy “to meet or exceed customer expectations.” We collect, monitor, and evaluate information on customer and stakeholder satisfaction to always improve.

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Premium industrial filtration solutions for air, gas and liquid filtration.