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Industrial Filtration Products
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Celebrating 90+ years of innovation and expertise, count on us as your trusted partner for advanced filtration solutions.

With a rich history in engineering excellence, we lead the industry with unwavering focus on quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.

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Filter Holdings Top Industrial Filtration Solutions Provider 2022 Award

Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency

Filter Holdings has been at the forefront of engineering breakthroughs in filtration technology. Our legacy includes pioneering advancements that have revolutionized liquid and air filtration across various industries that maximizes your productivity and efficiency.

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We help to create an efficient and effective operations system by driving down costs while manufacturing high quality products and providing dependable delivery. You can count on us.

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Filter Holdings is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high performance industrial filtration products and premium filter bags for air, gas, and liquid filtration. 

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Leverage seven decades of expertise in filtration engineering to enhance your operations. We support customers through manufacturing and maintenance processes without disrupting production.


Total Filtration Solutions

Our New Jersey-based production facilities combine the latest in computer-controlled equipment with craftsmanship to produce the highest quality filtration products with precision and attention to detail unsurpassed in the industry. While laser cutters are used for accuracy and reliability, we also rely on our experienced operators to ensure perfection in every industrial filter product we produce.

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Filtration Challenges

Filter Holdings has gained unmatched technical expertise through 90+ years of solving filtration issues for industrial processing operations who faced complex air, gas and liquid filtration challenges.

Applications ranging from: chemical, metal, mineral, power production, battery, glass, rubber, paint powder, silicone powder, asphalt, brick, concrete, gypsum, wood to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, perfume, coffee, grain, spice, tobacco, milk, candy, food and other types of industrial processing applications.


Filter Technologies

Filter Holdings has developed a broad range of innovative fabrics and specialized coatings to produce advanced high performance filter media that can optimally perform and endure the most severe of processing conditions.

Our history is defined by innovative solutions that revolutionize liquid and air filtration across industries, improving operational efficiency through filtration technology advancements.

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How Our Approach Can Help You Improve Your Manufacturing Efficiency

Events such as the pandemic, shipping logistics, and other challenges have disrupted supply chains. Filter Holdings helps our customers go beyond standard sourcing practices with low-cost sourcing and just-in-time manufacturing.

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Filtration products are often viewed as a commodity, purchased only when required. However, understanding the life expectancy of the filtration product, material used, change-over-time, safety stock, are just a few of the issues the team at Filter Holdings can discuss to maximize productivity.

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Filtration products are often purchased as required, upon failure of current filtration products and, without planned maintenance. The team at Filter Holdings is prepared to take care of your immediate requirements and proactively contact you with a reminder the filter media is reaching end-of-life cycle.

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Filter Holdings prides itself with on-time deliverables. We are prepared to expedite deliveries when necessary. We work with our customers in forecasting future requirements, warehousing customer products and having amble safety stock of core materials at our facilities helping to reduce delivery times.

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Our team will work with our customers to determine which material gives the most effective filtration process, filter design and expected life span that maximizes the your Return-On-Investment.

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